Food shipping service

We provide a complete food shipping service from italy to the US

The whole world loves Italian cooking. Americans probably even more so.
Every day we realize how true that is.
Every day we handle requests for shipping food products to the USA: Pastries, cured meats, cheese, pasta, ice cream etc., the list could go on and on.

There is only one market but the variables for each product are many.

This is why we have come up with dedicated and standardized services for each product in order to preserve the aromas that make “Made in Italy” products so popular throughout the world.

We provide food shipping services that follow one philosophy, which has always been our motivation and which initially allowed us to achieve great success with wines: to provide a complete service for the USA based on our knowledge, experience and thanks to partnerships established for 15 years with producers, importers, trade operators and consultants that have been present on the market for a long time.

We provide advice on American regulations as well as administrative and commercial matters in order to facilitate with peace of mind the globalization of businesses in the Food & Agriculture Industry.

We guarantee the quality of your product from your home to the destination by air or sea freight, for samples or production items:
-18°C controlled frozen temperature
0-4°C controlled dry ambient temperature.

We of course provide producers with packaging, dry ice and everything else needed to preserve the goods, including the labels for correct goods handling in transit, as well as simple advice on all these matters.

We deliver to buyers, trade shows and private individuals. In full compliance with the regulations set down by the Food and Drugs Administration.

Italian food shipment to the USA

Food delivery from Italy to the United States in full compliance with the regulations set down by the Food and Drugs Administration.