The project


This project is the result of an Italian entrepreneur’s desire to export genuine Italian food all over the world. The same excellent food that she is used to sharing and enjoying with her family every day at home.

Next came the idea of setting up an online purchasing channel, with a selection of wine and food suitable for exporting abroad too, in Europe and throughout the world.

Food Wine From Italy can become your direct link. Receive the Italian products you love most from the comfort of your own home with just a few simple clicks. A simple and well-tried system that will bring fine Italian cuisine direct to your table. 

Treat yourself to the opportunity of receiving one of our KITs in your own home, you’ll enjoy sharing it with family or friends.

In this eCommerce you’ll find ready-made wine KITs with selections of the finest Italian brands, both reds and whites. Ideal for stocking the wine rack at home, and excellent for giving to others too.

The products are selected according to strict criteria of taste and quality, aspects that just cannot be overlooked when talking about Italian wine. Because as you know, Italian wine must be above all good and of the best quality!

Besides wine, there will also be a selection of Italian foods that can all be purchased online.